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Currently providing Telehealth services to Missouri and Arizona.

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Free Yours​elf From Mental and Emotional Struggles

Distress caused by traumatic experiences is difficult to overcome all by yourself. Relationship stress and trauma can hold you back from enjoying your life and pursuing your dreams.

Even when you've been isolated within a relationship with confusion and pain, there may be a way to go back to your former, happier self. Hello there! I’m Tracy Hermanson. It’s nice to meet you. I can help you overcome your emotional health struggles and let you start feeling better. 

At Tracy Hermanson Therapy, I’m dedicated to helping you regain your sense of self and remove your emotional distress. Contact me to learn more. 

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At Tracy Hermanson Therapy, I dedicate my practice to helping you feel better.  In so saying, I specialize in the aftermath of relationships that leave us confused, hurt, sad or angry.  In particular, EMDR therapy sessions are aimed at helping individuals who are victims of narcissistic abuse or those who have found themselves in toxic relationships.  EMDR and other therapy services are available both office-based and virtual.  I accept most major insurance plans, both for in-person and office-based sessions.

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Why Choose EMDR Therapy

Through EMDR therapy, I can help my clients detach from their emotionally charged and traumatic experiences, even in the comfort of their own home. EMDR is a measurable therapy session that helps the brain reprocess the things that hold us back from moving forward. In this therapy, your own brain will put things in perspective through guided exercises. These activities help you take control of your feelings, thoughts, and memories throughout your healing journey.

Oftentimes, our brains process memories and traumas in an unhelpful way. Virtual EMDR is highly researched and evidence based. Frequently, the results are noticeable from the very beginning. Whether through just a handful of sessions or many over the course of months, clients are expected to observe specific results like reduction of emotional pain, feeling less fearful, having more energy, and an overall easing of distress.  

My EMDR practice uses the modality that makes you feel most comfortable: light, sound, pulsating sensory, or your own touch.  Virtual EMDR offers the same experience using your computer screen and the helpfulness of modern technology to open brain pathways to a healing experience.  

Together, we will reprocess the past events in your life and help you embrace your history. They will no longer bog you down but will assist in propelling you forward to a better life.

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