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Where I Came From

I became an EMDR Therapist after my own encounter with the practice following an interpersonal trauma. I became an even greater believer after I began to help others regain themselves through the practice of EMDR in the office, and later, virtually. I have a strong belief in joy and in every being’s entitlement to it. Not all the time, perhaps--but hopefully most days. I believe in relativity, that those things that make us who we are made of both pain and plenty. And that the plenty should be at the front of our thoughts--when the pain has outlived its usefulness.

I began my career as a bartender. That put me through college and paid the bills. But when my customers came into the bar with problems that their only answer to was alcohol and their best support was the ear of a busy bartender, I began to seek healthier answers for them, and of course, for me. 

I’m a Midwesterner with southern roots. I see myself as a nonclinical-speak clinician. I can be plain spoken but my words are said with respect and helpfulness. I challenge my clients to try a little, hope a lot. I look forward to working with you.

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