Online EMDR

remotEMDR: The Platform

Online EMDR with syncronized bilateral stimulation (BLS)

Allow me to introduce you to the platform:

Online EMDR

This is a guided therapy, synchronized between you, the client,

and me, therapist.  You are guided throughout the experience to allow reprocessing of distressing memories, feelings and traumas with the assistance of BLS when appropriate.  Using the remotEMDR platform, we will work together to talk, remember, and reprocess, a spoonful at at time if needed, toward your brain moving you toward your healing.

How many sessions might it take?  I would lovingly say, along with my fellow EMDR practitioners, between 8 and 80.  

You will be introduced to EMDR through remotEMDR slowly, helping you find inner places of safety and calm.  This happens early in therapy so that you have a very good idea of how we will be proceeding.

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